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Amazing Hair in 5 Mins

Mar 6, 2024Blog Posts, Pro Tips by Falcone


You’re rushing out the door to go to a party or are off to work to give a presentation. You have a life to live, and you don’t want to spend hours fussing over the way you look. We’re right there with you.

With a couple of tools, you’ll be able to spend less time in front of a mirror and more time actually living your life.


Yes, we’re starting with the basics. But this is a must-have for both long and short hair. But here’s what saves you time: making sure you have the right brush for your texture.

If you have oily hair, use a natural bristle. This helps distribute the oils evenly and wick away what you don’t need! Natural bristle brushes also give you immense shine, so they’re a great way to instantly spruce up your do.

A mixed bristle brush has the combined powers of the synthetic de-tangler and the natural bristle shine. These are the most commonly used brushes in salons and for good reason.

If you’re blow drying, use a vented brush that allows heat to get to your hair from all angles. It will save you time and damage from excessive heat!

You can also explore using brushes like rattail combs or round brushes to get particular styles. For quick arched bangs, use a round brush and blow dryer on your fringe. Voila!

If you have hair that’s easily tangled, try the incredible Tangle Teezer, which we’ve found to cut the time in half for untameable hairdos.


There are so many styles you can do in a few seconds with just bobby pins and elastics. Try the reverse-twist chignon low pony for a polished look that only takes a minute and requires three bobby pins. You can also try a single twist, which is a great way to spruce up the hair you’re wearing down in just two steps.

Bobby pins come in colours that can be hidden by your hair. Go with a matching colour, and choose ones with good grips, especially for finer hair.


For those with straight hair, a quick run-through with a flat iron can make a world of difference. It adds shine and polish to your hair. Even if you don’t go through your whole head, ironing the front is a great way to make your look appear more complete. You can also use a flat iron to get rid of cowlicks or other problem areas.

Make sure you use a cream that helps prevent heat damage if you use a flat iron often.


Your blow dryer is your best friend. Now, there’s nothing like a professional blow out service that leaves your hair straight and silky, but when you’re getting ready to leave the house, blow-drying your hair rather than air drying makes a huge difference in volume and life. Straight hair gets smoother, wavy hair gets bouncier, and curls become more defined. Using an ionic blow dryer will cut down drying time.

We hope these tips are helpful. If you would like to know more quick and easy styling tips, or would like any other advice, just ask one of our stylists and they’ll be happy to help!


For all the tools and products you need and the perfect cut, colour, and style for your hair, look, and lifestyle, visit us today. We’d love to meet you!